Hi! I’m Charlotte.
I help brands resonate on ‘the web.’

Experienced in niche marketing, business initialization, freelance, as well as corporate design. International sales experience. My clients range from independent representatives to small businesses; crafters to the digitally impaired.

I help my customers target their digital efforts and better resonate with their desired niche market!

Enthusiast in all things digital design and niche marketing. Helping develop an online presence from niche selection, marketing strategy to design and support, your one-stop-shop for ideas, design and motivation. Specializing in accelerating brands with customer-centric, niche, marketing.

“The biggest problem in communication, is the illusion that it has taken place.”


Brand Values

Client Focus

The mission of Rural Brand guru is to empower entrepreneurs. To witness that moment of joy and pride in a clients eye when they accomplish something new.


Confidentiality and morals are forefront in our brand values. Volunteering, charitable work and community support are common place on the Rural Brand calendar.

Action Oriented

The best was to achieve results is with massive action. All of our plans involve an array of solutions to ensure your projects or campaigns have the best return on investment.

The Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula

My inspiration. My muse. 

The Lion’s Head Lookout – Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

A beautiful rock formation along the Niagara Escarpment. A lion’s head can be seen emerging from the limestone wall. I am fortunate enough to call the surrounding community my home.

Thanks to the nature of my business, I often work with my clients completely digitally, using video chats, messaging, and emails. It is this flexibility that enables me to live on one of Canada’s rural gems – The Bruce Peninsula.

Living in rural Ontario, while doing what I love for clients across Canada, is a dream come true. For that reason, I identify as the Rural Brand guru. My surroundings are my muse. They drive my inspiration and passion to help others take a Step Ahead in the digital world. The reward is worth the journey! I call myself a Guru because I prefer to teach these design principles and am most rewarded when clients feel empowered in developing their own businesses or ideas.

Let’s start your adventure together!

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I can feel a plan brewing and all great plans start with research.
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