Small Business Growth


Growing a small business is hard yet oh-so rewarding.

You start with an idea. A dream. A vision of how things could be. Next, you train hard to hone your skill and become eligible to compete in your desired marketplace.

But now what? How do you juggle the demands one faces all the while expected to service the customer or make the product? And, not to forget promoting and developing the back end of your business! – You get help.

Many business gurus will recommend the mindset “outsource where ever it makes sense.” I am one of those people. By understanding where your hours hold the most value in your business, you will know when jobs can be sourced cheaper than your billable hour. Therefore, should be outsourced.

Example. Housekeeping! I will forever be able to justify housekeeping as long as I can be working the hours I’m receiving those services. (Now that is a *pro-tip* right there! )

I am a skilled digital communicator and helping small businesses outsource marketing and digital business tasks is my specialty.

Ways I can help: 

  • ¬†Target Audience Research
  • Identifying Niche offerings
  • Branding Alignment
  • Digital Development
  • Grant and Gov’t Project Management
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Ongoing Support and Coaching